A Letter from Jane – October 2010

Hi Frances!

Summer was an active time. On one of our forays into the north, my husband and I went to New Jersey, picked up my twelve year-old grandson and brought him back home to North Carolina for a two-week visit.  He and I went caving and rafting — all in one day

The rafting was OK, but I don’t need to ever to do caving again!  It’s good I didn’t know how hard it would be ahead of time because I wouldn’t have gone.  Looking back, I’m glad that I went along and feel pleased that I was able to do it.

I had to do a LOT of climbing in places where there were no steps and then sit down and slide in the mud to get down the other side. There was also a great deal of walking — sometimes through a stream and sometimes along a precipice.

After returning the boy to my son, I went to my fiftieth high school class reunion. Great fun. My best girlfriend was there.  I hadn’t seen her since I graduated.  Being among all the friends from long ago reminded me why I didn’t fit in back in those days. For example, most of my classmates still lived in the same county where we went to school.   One gal wrote and asked what I was going to wear to the dinner. Back in the day, she had never seemed to like me much and hung around with other girls. It was quite a surprise to have her write.  Though it was a nice gesture, I laughed.

At this point in my life, I don’t care what others wear and like to be comfortable. I just like being myself and not being dependent on others’ opinions of me.

I still managed to read a few books. One I want to recommend is: The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  It is set in Barcelona, Spain and has many layers, which I love.  It is a book about books and writing as well as romance and tragedy.  For something very light, I recently read Last Car to Elysian Fields by James Lee Burke, a mystery set in Louisiana.  Burke’s books are always good for an escape after a hard day.


Jane (May’10) adds, “We had several other trips and now I am home, I am also back to work for the fall. More busy days.

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