Recently, I moved to a duplex across town. The process turned out to be a spiritual exercise — the kind of exercise that is an invitation to let go of the need to control.

While shopping for rentals and looking at potential roommates, I met a lot of interesting (and, yes, eccentric) people. I visited parts of my city that I
had never noticed before.  In each location I imagined how my stuff would fit, where I would meditate, where I could walk and what kind of community I could join.

After several false starts, I was exhausted and my current lease was up in two weeks. While looking at one apartment, the property manager mentioned
another place they just acquired that week.  The size, layout and location were exactly what I wanted. I checked it out in the pouring rain, then drove home in a deluge to find that my trusty old Dell computer had expired.  The Blue-Screen-of-Computer-Death indicated that the hard drive was toast — no more house hunting for me.  This was a not-so-subtle message from The Universe, “You are done looking.”

I put in my application and was thrilled to be accepted.  In the past, my income allowed me to rent or own a home without anxiety.  But now, I needed approval because I’m only working part time.  While I’m no longer the captain of my ship, I came to wonder if I really was as in charge as I had thought. My fears and anxieties use to compel me to make money and stay busy so as to be “accepted” or “esteemed.”

My spiritual tradition tells me that social status and material wealth are not helpful in the journey to God.  It insists we are loved just as we are.  My need to achieve had contradicted these spiritual values.

Trusting God’s guidance in finding a new place to live, I feel like I have taken a step toward a higher goal.

Karen Louise (June ’10) says, “My movers cancelled on me. It took me nine car loads to transfer my belongings in 97- degree weather.  It didn’t exactly feel like a ‘higher goal’ until after I got out of the heat.

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