I’M GOING WITH YOU – October 2010

R.T. was an unassuming but kindly man of few words, one of the ministers at my church. He wore plain wire-rimmed glasses and usually dressed in dark slacks, a short-sleeved shirt and small figured tie.  He attended a luncheon I helped host for a small group of church members and told a story  I shall never forget.

We planners posed questions to other members of the church to get them to divulge little known facts. We hoped to learn more of one another’s personal histories, and thereby know one another better.

What struck me was the quiet pastor’s answer to the question, “What was the most unusual job you ever had?”

Glancing out the window, RT remembered, “When I was in college, I worked at a small hospital as an orderly,” he said.  “I was often the only male working there at night.  Sometimes, I got into strange situations.”

“One night, there was a patient who was very upset.  Because he was so frantic, he was creating quite a disturbance.  The man thought he was lying in the bed of a truck, and the truck was taking him someplace he didn’t want to go.  His family had tried to reason with him, the nurses had restrained him, but nothing worked.”

“In desperation, one of the nurses asked me to help.  When I got to the patient’s room, I realized nothing would persuade the poor man that he was not in a truck, although he was actually lying in bed in the hospital.  So, I told the patient I would get in the truck with him.  I crawled into his bed and lay down beside him, telling him everything would be all right. He calmed down and eventually drifted off to sleep.”

To me, this story provides a profound illustration of the love of God.  He is present, wherever I am, wherever I think I am headed, wherever I fear to go.  And in His presence, I find peace.

Mary (Sept.’10) adds, “When I don’t know what to say to someone who is going through a difficult situation in his or her life, this story reminds me that my presence is often more important than my words.”

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