MY SECOND LOVE (Pt. 1 of 2) – October 2010

After my first love died  during a mountain rescue after an avalanche, I wondered if I could ever fall in love again.

It did happen. Many years later, I met a very nice, kind man. He loved to help strangers. He was a detective — a passive one — very soft-spoken and not aggressive. He loved his job. However, his parents were of ‘high society’ and never liked the idea that their son was a detective.

We were married about two and half years when I became pregnant. He was so elated that he took a few days off from his job to celebrate. He went to the library and came home with a huge stack of baby books — and read each one. He wanted to give his child the best care and lots of love.

He and I went baby shopping.  His parents opened accounts at Lord & Taylor and Saks 5th Avenue for us. (Money was no object to them.) Normally he didn’t like shopping, but my husband almost bought the entire baby floor. It was like if we were about to open an orphanage.

My husband was an only child and his parents were overjoyed about becoming grandparents. They had big plans for their unborn grandchild and had already started looking for the “right” nanny. They kept telling us, “Once the kid is old enough to decide what to become, being a police officer is totally out of the question.”

They had bigger plans.

His parents shared a part of the apartment. Our lives were mostly separate but they insisted that we have our meals together.

Sometimes my husband went undercover with a case.

During those times a friend stayed with me and helped out. (My husband knew him and also enjoyed his company.) My old friend was a professor of biology at a nearby college. He’d been with me through good times and bad.

My husband was undercover when I was nine months pregnant and was about to give birth so my friend, the professor took me to the hospital.

(To be continued.)

Lotte DeRoy (Aug. ’10) adds, “First loves will always remain with you for the rest of your life. Sometimes second loves are there, too.”

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