PRETTY LOVE WORDS – October 2010

If you ask me what love is,
I could not say the words.

I only know what love must not be.

Love must not be anger
because my opinion disagrees.

Love must not be a fist to my belly
quelling the fire of life within.

Love must not be a locked bedroom
door to keep the sex out.

Love must not be sleeping with a gun
tucked tight against my pillow.

Love must not be vomit in the toilet
from the wasted night before.

Love must not be only a body in the dark

Hot, sweaty and panting.

Love must not be weeping alone at
in a stranger’s bathroom.

Ask me what love is,
I can not say the words,
but show me what love is
and wipe away my fears.

Devora (Feb.’10) adds, “I wrote this when I left my husband and decided I needed to change the choices I was making to change my life.”

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