Happy Birthday, Ninepatch! We’re Celebrating 16 Years This Month!

On this, our sixteenth birthday, Ninepatch thanks our staff. Our Board of Directors are: Frances, Christa, June, and Georgene. Our Michigan Agent is Ilene, our outgoing Membership Coordinator is Carol, and our new one is Dottie. Our long-serving treasurer is June. Note-writers are Georgene, James, and Gail. LynnTROR creates and maintains our website. Our proof-readers are James and June.

And of course, we have to thank all of our readers and writers who make Ninepatch what it is!

Some Ninepatch facts:

  • We are incorporated in Michigan, and licensed in Florida.
  • We offer a website and both paper and e-issues.
  • Readers live in 17 states and Canada.
  • To date this year 38 different voices have been “heard” on our pages.
  • We have an all volunteer staff.

Here’s to another wonderful 16 years!

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