changes – a webmaster’s note

While it may not mean much to most, I wanted to take a moment to mention that there will be a change to our Ninaptch website soon that could affect all of us in the short term.

Our hosting company – the people who let us use their computers to store our site and make it available over the internet – has been sold and we will now be moving our site to a new company’s computers. When this happens, there’s the slight chance that there may be moments or even days when our site won’t be viewable on the internet. You’ll note that I’ve highlighted ‘slight’ because I’ve seen this done before with nary a second or 2’s outage of service, but I did want to make sure that everyone’s aware any outage will be temporary and Ninepatch will be back up and running quickly.

I’d like to apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience this may cause and to thank you for your patience.

Cheers, Lynn

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