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Reading Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God, Book 1 was the greatest spiritual experience of my life. It opened my mind and enabled me to break out of the confines of my religion and look beyond. On every page my soul resonated with its truth. It was like I had waited my whole life to be validated.

I was brought up in a protestant faith that taught original sin, fire and brimstone punishment, and the importance of being saved. I was taught to accept that doctrine without question and was discouraged from thinking for myself.

As I matured, there came a time that I began to question what I had been taught, as it no longer served me spiritually or intellectually. I came to realize my religion was fear-driven. Walsch touches on this truth on pages 15-16 where he quotes God: “Every human thought, and every human action, is based in either love or fear…all other ideas are but derivatives of the two.”

The question of ‘free will’ had always nagged at me. Walsch addresses that on page 39 when he quotes God: “There are those who say that I have given you free will, yet those same people claim that if you do not obey Me, I will send you to hell. What kind of free will is that?”

Walsch’s book changed my life. It brought me into a closer conscious contact with my Higher Power, whom I no longer fear, and it gave me permission to think for myself.

June Poucher (Oct. ’10) adds, “I will be forever grateful to a fellow Twelve Step member who recommended this book to me.”

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