GET TO KNOW ME – mth nov 2010


Our Monthly Question for this month was, “I was given my name because…”

Palma (Sept. ’10) tells us, “My father was forty-four years older than my mom. He and his first wife had never had children. He was happy to have a child so when my sister was born they were content. Then my mom started making hints about another child. She loved being a mom.

Since my dad figured he wouldn’t be around forever, he resisted having any more chil-dren. But, because he really wanted a boy to carry on the family name of Tredway, he agreed to have another child. They picked the name of Benjamin. This name had been in our family tree for many generations. They traveled to Florida for several months that winter, and I was born there. Not having planned on a girl, at the last moment they chose a Florida name, Palma Reia, naming me after the Royal Palm trees.

My father had only a sister and since I was a girl and his last child, no one will carry on our family name.”


Next month’s question is, “What was the first car you owned?”

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