JOEY’S SONG – dec 2010


Editor’s Note: The following made-up story is a departure for Ninepatch. It is included because, through sharing the work on his imagination, Simon got an unusual, true-life response. Those words will follow Part II of the story next month.


It was a new day in the neighborhood. And just like every new day here, it started with Joey singing to the sun.

At nine years of age, and blind as the day he was born, Joey sensed the sun as it rose in the east, rain or shine. No one knew how he knew, he seemed to sense its energy. Perhaps it was partly because his bedroom window faced east and he never closed the drapes.

Even on stormy days, or in the dimmest light from the winter’s frigid mornings the sun brought a smile to his face and a song to his lips.

Grandpa, Joey and Daddy and I have been long accustomed to Joey’s morning serenades. In fact, we had come to depend on them as a wake up call each day.

Lacking sight, Joey developed his other senses to a much higher degree. Early on, Joey developed a short musical trill for each of us in the family. His sister’s was high and lilting, almost mimicking her usual frolicking ways. Mine was warm soft, almost lullaby. Daddy’s was deeper, an almost gruff sharp series of short notes. Grandpa’s tones were a softer, worn-out version of Daddy’s.

But, Joey’s gift that amazed me most was his ability to “see” our souls. Some people might call it, “seeing auras,” or “chi” But I always knew it was more. Whenever Joey came into a room where we were, he went straight to each of us with his musical greeting before using our names. Even when we tried to be so quiet and still he would not hear us or sense movement, his imageless eyes instantly turned towards each of us as he gave his special melodic greeting.

Joey always seemed to know how each of us was feeling, too. I asked him about that one day, and he said,

Mommy, I see the colored lights of your being. When you’re happy, they glow brightly of yellows and reds but when you don’t feel good the colors dim and turn bluish. There are other colors too, but I haven’t figured out what they mean. I do know that each of you have your own special combination of colors around the top of your personal light.

That’s how I know who you are, even when you are silent.

Simon Stargazer (Nov.’10) says, “I have a theory that we broadcast our brainwaves. Certain waves mesh with — or are compatible with — others, and some are incompatible. I think this explains why certain people instantly like each other, and others are repelled. For ‘Joey’s Song’ I took this idea a step farther and gave Joey’s sightless eyes the ability to ‘see’ brainwaves.”

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