FIRST LOVE: DANNY – dec 2010


(Part I of IV)

My first love was Danny. We met in church youth group in 8th grade. He was so handsome … and a bit of a “bad boy” because he was the only kid whose parents were divorced. Some of the men tried to be his buddy, but he resented their pity (his perspective) and that brooding, ruffian attitude had all of us girls jockeying to be the one to heal him.

By our senior year of high school, I was the chosen one. We were the couple everybody in church liked to point to as perfect for one another. We were leaders in the youth group and generous with our volunteer time.

Danny led singing during worship services and I joined the ladies in the kitchen during weekly pie suppers or ice cream socials.

I accepted his “promise ring” on graduation night. My parents and his mother were thrilled.

(To be continued)

Georgene (Oct.’10) says, “When I read Frances’ ‘first love’ story, I could imagine Ninepatch readers leaning back in their chairs and letting their minds drift back to ‘the one.’ That’s what I did.”

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