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 When I was eight years old I lived in a small town in southern Alabama. Our little community church had a revival that year. A handsome Indian minister, his wife and eight children stayed with various members of our church.

Our turn came and I was fascinated with all the children. They all had lovely smooth black hair, colorful clothing and dark eyes that searched into my blue ones. I thought they were so beautiful — and well behaved.

I don’t remember much about what we did or ate. However, back then we grew our own fruits and veggies. We also had our meat in the cold storage locker in town. I’m sure we had plenty to eat.

The fondest of memories was trying to remember all the children’s names and the music and services at the church. I can’t tell you about the church happenings, but for some reason, I have never forgotten the names. The eight children: Myrtle, Myrtice, Bertice, Curtis, Ertis, Vertice, Artis, and Otis.

The handsome Indian minister preached the love and fear of God into our hearts during the revival services. Those awesome convictions still remain.

Glenda (Oct.’10) adds, “The minister and his family hailed from Oklahoma.”

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