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Dear Frances,

Again, Ninepatch arrived at an important time for me. It came the day of the night we got the phone call that our son had been found dead in his apartment up north.

I packed the issue and took it with me on our sad trip north to Massachusetts.

I found it comforting to read the November ’10 pages whenever I took some time away from all that was going on up there.

Now, it is slow-going — slow thinking … a very strange place.

Love you,


Nancyann (Nov.’10) says, “Things get better in bits and pieces. And the grief gets me, too, in bits and pieces.”


Dear Frances,

On the way home today I was stuck behind a trailer carrying two camels! That

is about the fifth time these animals have shown up in my conscious lately. I checked on the symbolism of “camels.” I read that in the East, camels are famous as being disagreeable and obstinate.

I remember, from the time I spent in the Middle East, hearing the noises a camel made when the driver rapped the animal’s knees with a stick in an attempt to get the camel to kneel and facilitate someone getting on or getting off his back. It sure sounded as if he was complaining bitterly.

So, I am examining my shticks — my odd behaviors — trying to see how a “camel sighting” could apply to me!

Hope you are enjoying some lovely warm days,


Liz/Moascar ( Dec. ’10) adds, “My younger son and I flew to California to visit my older son over Christmas Break. Woohoo!”


Dear Frances,

It’s another day off from work. I covered the weekend for another girl, so I got Monday off — not my usual day.

I just finished reading, Mindy Starns Clark’s Whispers of the Bayou. It’s a mystery. As I turned the last few pages, my husband walked by and said, “Do you know what time it is?”

I just couldn’t put the book down. I had lost all track of time reading it.

Tomorrow after work I will go to the library again. I’ll take this one back and get The Outsider by Ann H. Galehart. They’re supposed to hold it for me. Do you have any more titles to suggest?

I’m glad to be back in counseling. Last week I cried the whole hour. She asked me if I knew why I was crying. I couldn’t say. Guess I am working on finding new self-knowledge.

Thanks for listening.

God bless you.

Love and prayers


LindaSue (Dec.’10) adds, “I am still praying and taking life one day at a time.”



Did I tell you that we have purchased another horse? He isn’t here on our premises yet, but he’s been paid for. He will be gelded within this week.

He’s nearly four years old, and a buckskin quarter horse. He’s beautiful! He’s well-trained, and obedient — totally different than Katie. I rode him for an hour yesterday and enjoyed myself very much.

I found out about him through Katie’s farrier and made the call. The young woman who trained him has had him for about three years. She’s amazing to watch work with him and she is going to help us with Katie, too. So, my husband and I have come together on the problem of what to do about my “difficult” horse. Now, we’ll have another hobby/interest to share and enjoy together.

I fell in love with the horse’s temperament. Funny, that’s the reason that the gal wants to get a different horse — he’s too mellow for her!

Adios, stay well, enjoy that good Florida weather,


Linda Rosenthal (Dec. ’10) says, “I’m excited. This horse is shorter, too, easier for me to mount and less far to travel to the ground when I dismount.”

Editor’s note: A photo of this horse can be seen at:


 Dear Frances,

I have been frantically busy!  I inherited my parents’ home several years ago, and after trying to sell it for two years, my husband and I decided to put our city house on the market and move to their home — in the country.  After over twelve years in this city dwelling, and thirty years in the same community, it was quite an upheaval. 

We hired a contractor to do renovations to the country home, and that only adds to the stress. 

Blessings back to you,


Mary Bridgman (Oct.’10) adds, “The move went well, but all the change is still overwhelming at times. I just want to settle down.”


Dear Frances,

You talk about your dreams and how you record them every night. I try to talk to “The Janitor” often. The first time I “met” him was in a dream years ago. I had a dream that I was in a high school when the day was done and there were just a couple of kids leaving. Other than that, the place was empty except for this man with his pushcart moving towards me. (Actually it was a scooter and he was riding along, getting his mops going.) He stopped his scooter right in front of me and said, “Hi!” When he smiled I recognized him in the dream, but in real life I had never seen him before.

I said, “I know you!”

He replied, “Well, of course you do, it’s been a long time.”

I said, “Yes, I know, and you haven’t changed a bit, but you always have been here, haven’t you?”

He said, “Of course, I’ve always been here for you no matter what.”

I felt peaceful as if I had never left this place and knew everything would be OK.

He said, “See ya’,” and peddled off.

Later, during my awake meditations I called for him and then he told me his name was “Haskell,” and that he would help me deal with things.

So I try to talk to him sometimes, hoping he is still there. I figure he is some sort of spirit guide. 

Some of my friends believe in these things, others don’t, so I keep my mouth shut about the Great Beyond. It can lead to various religious disagreements, particularly in these-here parts.  Hahahahahahaha!


Barbara Jean is married for the third time. She has two step-children and six grandchildren– all of whom live out of town. She is a retired opera singer who’s getting a college degree. She loves exercise and reading. She adds, “When I am not studying schoolbooks, I enjoy all types of fiction, cop stuff and historical novels.”


Time is invisible.

James (Dec.’10) says, “Time remains unnoticed until named by a circumstance.”

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