aspects of forgiveness – mth feb 2011

The first step in forgiveness for me is to decide to forgive. The process I use, once I decide I need to forgive, is to engage in short, daily meditation for about two weeks. During this time I consider aspects of the hurtful situation. I have thoughts like the following. “She didn’t mean to hurt me; it’s just her personal-ity.” And, “Maybe she affects others the same way.” “Maybe her own pain causes her to hurt others.” “Maybe she just isn’t astute enough to know when she’s gone too far.” And finally, “What was my role in this?” Sometimes I need to repeat the process.

The other challenge for me is to forgive myself. Most of the time I don’t even recognize that I can or should forgive myself. For me, this is much, much harder than forgiving someone else.

Elaine (Dec.’10)adds, “January’s Ninepatch was good reading.”

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