Imagine a private hospital running perfectly and all of a sudden you have half a dozen patients coming down with a serious infection caused by a bacteria. No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to figure out exactly where the bacteria is coming from. On top of that, you are in such dire need of money that one of the top members of your staff is resorting to her shady ways to finance the hospital. She has turned to her ex-husband for money regardless of the fact that some of it may actually be Mob money.

This is the plot of Robin Cook’s novel, Critical, an intense thriller that kept me riveted to the page until the last minute. Once the Mob element got involved, I found the book difficult to put down. Robin Cook likes to write thrillers of the medical sort, but I found the Mob was a new twist on plots he’s not used in other books by him I’ve read.

The depth of the storyline and the questionable backgrounds and motives of some of the characters is one good reason to go out and get this novel then take some time to read it.

Bookworm (Oct. ’09) says, “It’s good to be back to reading again.”

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