reading different genres

I usually read a mix of fiction and non-fiction. The typical rotation I use is a made-up story like a mystery, a fact book (like a school text), and then a biography or autobiography about a person’s life.

Generally I read the mysteries for escape. This kind of reading serves the same function as a cross-word puzzle, or Sudoku or games on the computer. I also read “good” fiction — non-mystery tales that are considered well-written or have won a prize.

The non-fiction I read to increase my knowledge and my self-knowledge. The “knowledge” category can tie in to classes that I’m teaching. Factual books also educate me on political issues and help me think about my own positions and how I want to vote.

Sometimes I read for laughter, like Carl Hiaasen’s, Star Island. Laughing lightens my life and enables me to take life less seriously sometimes.

Jane (Oct.’10) adds, “I’m traveling. It relieves me of so many day-to-day responsibilities and provides more time for reading, which is a real joy for me.”

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