journal: rebuilding


Editor’s Note: In March of 2010, CaT had a house fire which claimed everything she had.


Rebuilding the burned house has been a nightmare. I tried to avoid nightmares by going modular instead of stick. Right! The housing company did not say anything about the schedule till August 1st and then suddenly they tell us that the walls will be delivered on the 24th and the house will follow on the 27th! Great! BUT the demolition guy couldn’t finish in time and I had to fire him and lost some $$ by honoring the original contract and now the delivery dates are in the air… One good thing we can bank on…the house is done! Hopefully we will be in there before the snow flies!

Why is it that it seems we have things we love taken from us in our old age? I lost not just every physical thing I owned, but my two cats as well. In March my friend had a small litter of kittens. We have adopted one. It makes me laugh every day as kittens have a tendency to do.



I’ m not in my new home and still with my fiancé and his son. The tension in this house is killin’ me. The live-in son has now put me in some sort of silence punishment which actually I am appreciating. Along with that, of course the normal frustrations of the new house having taken one step for-ward and then being shoved back two… it’s really getting to me.

Now gas well mongers are crawling all over this mountain, too. After all I’ve been through, when we’re finally settled into the new house, they ruin my water well … I don’t know … I’ve weathered a lot but I think that will be the final straw.

But, let me think positive — I want to be ready for the holidays!



Very awful busy here. In between my lost computer and new house delays … things have not been well. The house sits and we wait … and the builders are in no hurry. We leave on the 16th of December for GA. and won’t be back till the 30th and we would like to celebrate the new year in the new house together … Right. I’m depressed and the anxiety deepens with each passing day, week, month. I hope my mood lightens once I’m with my grandsons…



Basically… the house gave me a nervous breakdown… my fiancé’s son gave us both a rough ride. Finally, we are in the new house. We celebrated New Year’s Eve in the new house with an air mattress on the bed-room floor and two camping chairs in the living room! It was such fun. We could feel the tension of the last eleven months wash off of us as the clock struck twelve. Thank gawd I have another man in my life that loves me.

Having been in the house only a couple of days, more flaws were found that we need to address,

But moving slow, but sure. With only me and Buzz and at our ages, it will be a slow haul.

It’s worth every precious moment!

CaT (July ’10) says, “Now me, Buzz, his dog, his two cats and my new little cat — all share a brand new home and a new start like honeymooners! We’ve set our wedding date for April 2012!”

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