first love: Danny


Previously: Promised to wed, Danny goes to Boot Camp and Georgene continues schooling. She has terrible misgivings and, hours before Danny’s return, she calls off their wedding.  

I don’t really remember events of his visit. But when he was gone there was no expectation that he would see or talk to me again. I wanted to “wait” but for Danny it was “now or never.” My father and I battled. I chose to leave college so that I could work more hours to pay rent somewhere rather than live under his roof. I felt I had disappointed so many people. I stopped going to church. I half-heartedly tried to make new friends. Suddenly, my world became small and more scary than the thought of marrying Danny and moving way. I had lost everything that I thought I was protecting. I started to dwell on all the good things I had given up to be “free”.

Many times I debated making a call to Danny to let him know that I had made a mistake, but held back. Three months had passed without a word from him. I was lost and needed him, so I finally decided that I had to talk with him. I wished I felt joy about making the call, but I felt I was choosing the lesser of two pain-filled options. I finally picked up the phone and made the call that was to right my topsy-turvy world.

I was too late. Danny had found rebound love and was getting married in just a couple of weeks. No beautiful church wedding like we had planned, but a wedding on the cliffs of La Jolla, CA overlooking the beach. A little voice in my head said, “Danny’s happy… leave him alone.”

And so I did … for a while.

Georgene (Feb.’11) adds, “Sometimes I reminisce about our high school romance. I remember making out at the drive-in theatre — all the while trying to keep track of the plot so I could report it to my parents! I recall my giddiness when Danny bought a creation I baked at the church pie suppers and the special place in our neighborhood park where we tossed our blanket for “after school study.” We had fun taking the lead at youth group functions and I felt so proud when Danny blew the pitch pipe and started the beautiful cappella singing at our worship services. I still have funny strip pictures that came out of the Woolworth photo booth. My first love is unforgettable. ”

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