raised alone, but with brothers and sisters

Among my siblings there was never rivalry, we never fought over getting attention –simply there was none. My father was usually overseas and my mother had her own social calendar.

We children were left most of the time with the housekeeper. She was a professional who cared for our health and welfare. Emotions were taboo.

Growing up, I was mostly by myself with my dog. We were always walking. He enjoyed walking for hours on end. On one of our trips, I discovered an old store filled with books.  We walked in. The proprietor was white-haired and had many wrinkles. He was curious why such a young girl with a dog wanted to come into his store.

We became close friends. He taught me to read great books and Shakespeare. Sometimes, he and his wife invited us to stay for dinner or spend a weekend with them. After school we always went to the bookstore. One day a book caught my eye– fortune-telling. I read every other book the store had on that shelf!  

I couldn’t really tell the future but I promised myself when I grow up, I would find somebody who loved me and my dog.

Later I loved my ski patrol husband, but he died. Then I met my detective and he was taken away from me. Other men I married were wonderful. They loved me, but didn’t understand I also “needed space.” (After all my years with just my dog, I needed alone time to think and be.) Eventually, I felt I was being used and the next thing, I’d leave.

But I hated to be by myself, so I’d marry again. Now I have married for the last time. Though we are no longer together, we remain the best of friends.

Now I live with Uncle Jerry, I care for him and he has become my life. He doesn’t sulk, never complains. He’s always cheerful and in high spirits, except when he is tired. He always supports whatever I want to do. 

A perfect partner for me.

Lotte DeRoy ( Feb.11) adds, “When Uncle Jerry is resting and I am at the computer, I am in my own world. That is when I am in my element of being alone and can create anything that comes to mind.”

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