my silent retreat

 (Part III of IV)

For meals, we gathered around a large dining table in the dining room closest to the kitchen. A small, quick-moving Spanish lady cooked for us, but our meals were typical American fare: pork chops and mashed potatoes. Our cook also carried plates of food to our family-style meal and cleared for us before dessert.

It felt strange sitting together at the table because we could not talk. To break the silence and awkwardness, our hosts played a CD biography of Pope John Paul II our previous Catholic leader. To keep from looking at people but saying nothing, I found myself staring at my plate. Slowly and methodically I ate my food — savoring every bite.

Occasionally, I glanced up and saw that everyone else was eating the same way.


Lynan (Feb. ‘11) adds, “Pope John Paul II had an interesting life. I think I need to go and buy Witness to Hope by George Weigel.”

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