My husband, Harry, was a heating and air-conditioning contractor and was often away working into the night either on installations or heating repair jobs.

I had a beauty shop and was on my feet all day. Harry would call if he was going to be late. If I got the call I didn’t wait up for him but got a hot bath and went on to bed. One night I had gone to sleep and was dreaming that something had slithered over me. It looked and felt like a huge cold snake. The dream was so real that I jerked awake and pulled the covers over me to hide. I still felt horrible and scared. I held the covers even tighter and said a prayer. I tried to go back to sleep but peace was far from me.

Luckily, it wasn’t long before my husband came home.

“Hi Honey,” he said. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

I told him about my snake dream. “It was sooo real that I couldn’t get back to sleep.”

“That’s funny,” he said. “I was under this house tonight and saw a rattlesnake. I probably would have been bitten except for the owner’s dog. He barked and barked, distracting the snake so I got away. Maybe your prayers helped out.”

The story unfolded. When my husband and his helper arrived to repair the furnace, the owner’s dog had stood in the yard. He barked and barked. My husband just walked up to the animal and patted him.

The owner shook his head. “That dog usually won’t let anyone in the yard. Either he is not a very good guard, or he likes you.”

My husband said he crawled under the house right away for the day had been long and it was getting late. The dog followed and stayed nearby. The helper went into the house and began removing a section. The dog was really in Harry’s way, but the animal refused to leave. Inside the helper removed a grill and was shining his flashlight down the grill hole. Suddenly he spoke, his voice low and urgent. “Boss! Don’t move. Back out slowly. There’s a snake stretched out on a rafter not far from you.”

My husband did as he was told, while the dog barked more viciously. The helper watched as the animal seized the snake before it moved and killed it. They reasoned the snake must have been sleeping.

Once it was dead they saw it was a diamondback rattler that had not coiled to strike.

Glenda (Dec.10) adds, “I still had three small children who needed their dad and feel sure God had awakened me with the snake dream so I would pray for my husband.”

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