A FALLEN PLANT – mth may 2011

 As “Look Out Below” game authors Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito suggest in their book Kokology 2, plants brighten one’s life with their green leaf-iness. However, our readers’ mental images go beyond the plant’s leaves.

In authors’ discussion and interpretation of fallen plant images, they note four different outlooks. This month yet another reader drew a version of “a broken pot with a plant that survived the fall.”

Game authors propose a meaning to this type of image. They say, “You seem calm and unflappable to others, but the reality is you just hate to show your emotions. Those pent-up feelings within you just keep growing and growing, and no pot can hold them in forever.”

Lynan (Apr.’11) shares her thoughts and her drawing. She says, “The flowers are free from the bondage of the pot. Now they can spread out their roots and grow freely through the soil.

I never do well growing plants in a container. They always look like they are in distress. Often, I take them outdoors and plant them in the ground where Mother Nature can nourish them.

I do not like to be confined either. I need my space.”

I notice that Lynan is the first of our artists to show three stems and three blossoms. I wonder if that has any special meaning. Perhaps it signifies the three archetypical aspects of a female life: maiden, mother and crone.

Whatever it might indicate, according to what Lynan says, all three stems are now free to grow in the care of Mother Nature. I’m not so sure about the Kokology2 authors’ predictions of “pent-up feelings”. Being one with Mother Nature sounds peaceful to me!

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