MONTHLY QUESTION – mth may 2011

In our April’ 11 issue, the question offered was, “What was your favorite childhood toy?”

Louise (Apr.’11) shares her memory with us. “When asked about my favorite childhood toy, my answer is — my roller skates! Those skates were made of metal, with ball bearings in the wheels, and attached to my shoes. It came with a SKATE KEY.

The key hung from a cord around my neck and was a kind of status symbol. Wearing it also prevented it from getting lost. Without the key, the skates could not be attached to one’s shoes. The key could also adjust the length of the skates as my feet grew.

Our apartment was across the street from my elementary school. Its location gave my sister and me access to sidewalks which were safe for skating. There, I learned to skate forward and backward. I also dared to go down a steep sidewalk which made a forty-five degree turn at the bottom — very tricky.

My sister and I spent many happy hours there on our skates.


Our questions for June is: “Last year at this time, I never would have thought…”

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