When I looked at my April calendar, I saw that the 24th was Easter Sunday. Suddenly my mind flashed back to an Easter season when I was in second grade.

My mother had given me a special treat; a chocolate Easter bunny. I was thrilled and wanted to take it to school and show it off. I always walked to school with my playmate/neighbor named Janie who was in fourth grade. As we walked along the street, I proudly showed her my bunny. She held the box and looked at it through the cellophane window. Then she sniffed it. She looked at me and said, “The big kids at school will probably take it away from you.”

She must have seen the alarm in my face. She paused as if she considered an idea and said, “Maybe you should eat it before we get to school.”

Janie watched hungrily as I opened the box and hurriedly broke off a chocolate ear. She eyed me as I began to munch it, then she spoke again. “You’d better hurry!” She held out her hand and added, “I’ll help you!”

She grabbed the candy and took a BIG bite of the chocolate body.

As I watched, she wolfed down most of my mother’s treat. I looked at the small piece of candy remaining, and then gazed up at her chocolate-covered mouth. That’s when I realized I had been outwitted!

June Poucher (Apr.’11) comments: “Naturally I was pretty naïve at age seven. I have to smile when I think what a few years difference in age makes.”

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