Fourth in a series, Death and Honor by W.E.B. Griffin is set against the backdrop of World War II.  It revolves around Cletus Frade, an ex-Marine

officer whose Father was murdered by Nazis.  Frade is involved in a plan to set up an airline in South America as a cover for finding out the identity of “Galahad”, a German turncoat.

The information Frade needs lies with a family of Germans known as The Froggers. After kidnapping and interrogating Frouline and Herr Frogger, Cletus Frade and his wife find out that Colonel Peron is at the center of the German plans to smuggle their top officials out of Germany if they were set to lose the war. In South America, they would establish an “Empire” consisting of Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. 

At first I found this plot to be a bit confusing due to many different characters.   But after a while, the pages started to make sense as the plot started to come together. 

W.E.B. Griffin is very accurate with the details in this novel, including the grey uniforms worn by Nazi SS Death’s Head — Totenkopfverbande. They were responsible for the administration of the concentration camps and the details and names of the people involved with Valkyrie — a plot to kill Adolf Hitler.  

I recommend picking up this novel and giving it a read. Others in this series are: Honor Bound, Traffickers (Badge of Honor), Secret Honor and The Vigilantes. 

Bookworm (Feb.’11) adds, “As a reader of historical fiction, I found this novel interesting.  Every time I had the opportunity, I sat down and read a few of the more than four hundred pages. There were times when I got lost in new details, but for the most part I was able to pick up where I had left off.” 

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