monthly questions – mth jul 2011

 Summer is a busy time. Many folk travel. Others spend precious vacation time relaxing. Outdoor lovers make the most of good weather. Few spend time writing and reflecting. Luckily, some still write! Here is Sarah Elliott (Aug.’09) responding to our July question, “What’s your all-time favorite commercial or jingle?” When I read the new monthly question about TV commercials, I immediately remembered one from years ago. Nestle’s Chocolate had one that ran frequently on children’s programs. It featured a large stuffed dog with a huge mouth. The last line of their jingle was “… Nestle’s is the very best…” and after a pause, the dog opened his mouth wide, and in a deep, hoarse voice slowly drew out the last word, “chawwk-littt”. My son was about 3 years old at the time and when the dog voiced the word, “chocolate”, he would run screaming from the room. Maybe someone is still pondering the June ’11 suggestion, “Last year at this time I never would have thought…” Monthly Questions are never late. Our question for August ’11 is, “When someone is angry with me, I feel…”


Editor, Frances says, “When I was a kid and someone was mad at me, I wanted to (and often did) run, hide and cry. I haven’t changed much. Though I’ve learned to act “more adult” in the face of another’s anger, my stomach still hurts and my eyes burn with unshed tears. I watch for an excuse to exit and get away a quick as possible.”


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