look out below! – mth jul 2011

 Self-Discovery Game Several readers have disagreed with authors Tadahiko Nago and Isamu Saito’s personality assessment associated with his or her fallen plant image. On the other hand, other game-players agreed with at least some part of “Look Out Below”, a self-discovery game in Kokology Two, More Games of Self-Discovery.

This month Liz/Moscar tells her vision but then takes off on her own interpretation.

“My plant is a bright red tropical Kalanchoe. It is in a small clay pot — the kind that was used everywhere until the red clay was replaced by green or black plastic. The red of the bloom clusters is intense.

My plant is setting on the rail of a weather-beaten wood deck. A gust of wind catches it. Gravity does the rest. Even though the flower has a “soft” landing on grass, its clay container cracks into two large pieces.

Does the red symbolize a passion which is being poured into the wrong receptacle or have fiery emotions burgeoned from constraints of a limiting consciousness? What is the message here? Where are my passions being misplaced or ignored? Where would they better thrive? How can I live more intuitively?

This is a brief description of my visualization. I feel this insight has itself raised many more questions. Will I look for the answers? More will be revealed.”

Yes, indeed. As each of us continues on the road of life, more is revealed.

Editor, Frances

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