(Written for Lauren, a young girl of 18, just going out into the world on her own.)

You’re eighteen
And feel like a queen.
You are spreading your wings
And trying some new things.
Both joy and strife
You’ll find in this life.
God gave you your own free will
And that can be a struggle up hill
The price of freedom for you or for me
Is that choice has its own  responsibility

While the law gives you freedom of choice
You’d better listen to that still small voice
Now it’s time to follow your dream
But it’s the best to be on His team.
So, keep your sight
On what’s right!
 Simon Stargazer III (June ‘11) adds, “I was thumbing through my second book and came across this poem which my wife Pat helped me write. It seems appropriate for this time of year with recent grads and parents considering their options.”

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