white noise

My husband and I are taking a literature class.  It’s for older adults and the classes are being taught by the members of the organization which is called, OSHER.  (It was named after a man whose financial support has enabled similar organizations around the country to grow and thrive.)
We have been reading and studying the author, Don DeLillo and his book, White Noise.  The “teacher” has a PhD in literature, and brings lots of background information to us. It brings the book to life.   The leader’s experience as an Advanced Placement high school English teacher before retirement, explains her skill.
DeLillo is referred to as a Post Modern writer: very deep, and very funny. I read White Noise last year but I am reading it again. The instructor’s insights make me appre-ciate the author’s skill even more.
Louise (May ’11) adds, “I have begun to feel a sense of excitement in my life by at-tending these stimulating classes.  It is kind of like a book club led by a gifted professional.”

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