ANOTHER “NUMBER TWO”! – mth aug 2011

Kokology 2, More of the Game of Self-Discovery, is a volume written by authors Tadahiko Nago and Isamu Saito. In it are many self-discovery games.

Since January 2011, Ninepatch readers have been sharing their experience with “Look Out Below”. They’ve been imaging a potted plant that falls from one’s balcony and reporting what they “see”.

In February, Carol reported she did not see any of the four choices presented by the game’s authors. Now, five months later, she is the only reader who has not said he/she chose “number two”. Authors describe that personality type. They write, “Although you present a calm exterior, you keep your true emotions hidden until they can’t be held back any longer.”

Palma (June ’11) continues the “two” stream. She says, “I identify with the number two explan-ation, but am a terrible artist so will refrain from drawing the picture. 

“I chose that image before I looked at the possible answers.   I don’t like to think of myself as withholding my emotions, but in reality I often do, to the detriment of my stomach. Through the Twelve Step philosophy, I have learned to process my emotions much better than I once did.”

Like Palma, I like to think I am doing better with understanding feelings and making appropriate responses. I am curious, though. I wonder if someday, I will see image number one: “The plant landed on the ground upright and intact.” Its interpretation is one I’d like to have from myself. Authors Nago and Saito describe this personality. “You appear strong and confident and are always eager to demonstrate your coolness under fire…”

Of course, if I had that, I’d also have to live with its dark side. The authors also say, “But beneath that tough façade is a person more concerned with keeping up an image than actually living it.”

Life! Every positive has its negative.

Editor, Frances

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