The Monthly Question for July ‘11 recently caught my attention. I was paging through back Ninepatch issues when its words seem to jump off the page, “TV viewers (and old time radio listeners) what’s your all time favorite commercial?”

It wasn’t radio or TV, but a movie I recalled. Memory transported me back to when I was a child during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. My father was an avid reader and my sister, Virginia, and I always enjoyed the Sunday funnies. “Lil’ Abner”, drawn by Al Capp, was one of our favorites. When sister and I were about eleven and ten years old, a movie came out based on Lil’ Abner’s adventures. It was a special treat for us to go with our friends to that Saturday afternoon matinee at our small town’s only movie theater.

In one scene, the villain, Earthquake McGoon, was chasing Lil’ Abner down a hill with a big rock, intending to hit Lil’ Abner with it. It was a very tense moment for children who were pretty innocent back in those times when life was simpler.

My sister was mesmerized at the scene. Suddenly, she stood up in the theater, shaking her fists, and yelled, “Run, you fool! Run!”

Everyone within earshot laughed, including Virginia, but she was totally embarrassed.

June Poucher (July ’11) adds, “It warms my heart to look back to those fun times.”


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