cut and paste Aug 2011
cut and paste Aug 2011



Tonight was unique, in that I didn’t hunt through any magazines. Instead, I went through a folder chock-full of used material I had accumulated over the years from previous cut-and-pastes.

This piece is a combination self-portrait/note to myself. The mountain peak anchors all of the other imagery. I don’t know what it represents, but it is un-covered, unconquered, beautiful and terrifying. It is not threatening if I respect it and keep my distance. It is in the background, but cannot be ignored. I might take it for granted. Just like life, it is ephemeral.

The chocolate cake represents my friend Marita’s retirement that occurred three days ago. She brought her leftover retirement cake to my house at the end of her last day of work. We celebrated with my husband and her friend.

The pets are being embraced by men and are dependent upon them. Like the mountain, the power of the men is to be respected. The kittens look like they may have been rescued from a fire. The parrot is very tame and trusting.

Sleeping Child” is about me and my daughter, who I will visit in July. Will our relationship feed our spirit? The bowl represents the feminine, a life vessel, an altar piece. “Girl-friends prefer you listen, not give advice” seemed to be the key message of the moment, and so I placed that quote above the mountain peak. The rest of the quotes are reminders to myself:


*Be still, breathe, know you

are fine.

*Follow your instincts.

*You’re allowed to do nothing.

*Simplicity is the essence

of elegance.

*Volunteer from your heart.

*Truth is like a cat…

* Learn something from everyone

you meet.

*Make your eyes twinkle.

*Blessings only come to those

who notice.

*Passion for paper.


Carol (Feb.’11) adds, “In retrospect, the mountain represents the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota, both astonished me on a road-trip after doing the cut and paste.”

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