ONE MORE FALLEN PLANT – mth sept 2011

            In December 2010, Ninepatch included a self-discovery “game” in hopes that playing it might give readers a new slant on themselves and their lives. Every month since, we have been sharing a reader’s image and comments.

 The game, “Look Out Below”, came from the book, Kokology 2 by Tadahiko Nago and Isamu Saito. These researchers suggest parallels between a person’s life view and a balcony plant that falls to the ground below.

Authors say whatever a person imagines has happened to their imaginary plant, has four general outcomes. “…1. The plant landed on the ground upright and intact. 2. The pot broke, but the plant seems to have survived the fall. 3. The pot and the plant are both smashed beyond recovery. 4. For some strange reason, there is no sign of either plant or pot…”

            Most of our responders have been a variation of number two. However, this month’s version is the wildest.  Instead of the plant merely “surviving”, Sherryl (Dec.’10) comments, “The pot is broken and the plant is thriving and evolving in endless ways!” 

           If reading about this fallen plant or seeing Sherryl’s drawing has inspired you, mail to our postal address on the last page or write and simply describe what YOU see after your plant fell!             

Frances Editor

drawing for fallen plant

click to see larger image

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