monthly question – mth sept 2011

Our thought starter for September 2011 was, “One thing I remember about my first job.”  Georgene (July ’11) responded with the words that follow.

            “I recently joined my high school group’s page online in preparation for attending our 40th reunion.  One of the  features of the page is an opportunity to submit a biography.  As I prepared my little story, I thought about the many jobs I’ve had and I drifted into considering how things had changed over time.

One thing I remember about my first job is the window into the real world it gave me.  I didn’t have a job in high school.  My mother lost both of her parents in her early teens. She had to go to work to help support the various families she lived with while trying to finish high school.  She was determined that my brothers and I would enjoy our high school years without the added stress of a job.

My first job was being a Front Desk Clerk at a brand new resort built to help sell plots of dusty land inColoradoto people from the manufacturing cities of the East.  My sister-in-law got the job for me — a real plum for a kid in college.  No food service job for me!

I was proud, I worked hard and I had enough money to share a rental trailer with my brother.  Yet, one day I was called in to my boss’s office. In a no-nonsense way he said, “I’m cutting your hours.”

Suddenly, my 18-year-old world of independence started to crumble.  “But why?” I asked, sure my chin was quivering as I fought back tears.   

“Because Mr. Nameless, the part-timer you work with, is a man. He needs the full time job.”

Nowadays, you can’t get away with that answer, but in 1971, I meekly accepted my fate. Fortunately, Mr. Nameless took another job that paid more.   

While I was still working there, the man who tried to cut my hours got fired for being drunk on the job.

What comes around, goes round.


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