I sit in my living room listening to pipe organ music and enjoying my furnace’s warmed air. My mind drifts back slowly — back to 2009 to a cold winter morning when my dad, stepmom and I rode to the air-port. Our ultimate destination was Hawaii, a state I had never visited and was anxious to see.

Once on the island, we went to a condo Dad had rented for our assembled family. It had two bedrooms, a loft plus a nice view of the ocean from its deck. Since I am single, I was offered the couch for sleeping. But, I had already staked out a deck chair for my nights. I jumped at the chance to listen to the waves coming in and look up at the stars — treats I don’t often enjoy.

Sleeping outdoors, I noticed new star patterns. Due to dif-ferences in lattitude and longi-tude, Hawaii’s contellations are not the same as those where I live in Michigan. Gazing at the night sky, I couldn’t help but take in how amazing God’s power is.

Hearing the waves roaring nearby just doubled the awe of His Majesty.

Bookworm (Feb.’12) adds, “The night before we flew home, I dozed off hearing my stepmom and her mother conversing in Japanese, English, and a Native Hawaiian dialect called Pidgin. When I next woke up, my step-mom’s uncharged cellphone was beeping and I heard her mother walking around upstairs. Before long, I packed and was ready to go.”

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