Lotte and Uncle Jerry suffer in their new apartment. Illness follows them. None of their plans bear fruit. They feel the presence of evil spirits and turn to others for help. A Feng Shui specialist and a clairvoyant came to their aid, but no relief came. They turned to the Catholic Church for help and Lotte calls a Catholic church suggested to her by a colleague at work. Here’s the last of her tale.

The next morning a black-clothed priest arrived at our door.

After stepping in, Father H. in-quired how we knew there were demons living with us.

I reviewed the feelings we had, the projects that went wrong, how our health had de-teriorated and our thoughts were plagued. I told how a Feng Shui specialist had come and also confessed we’d tried a clair-voyant who’d cast runes.

I concluded, “Normally, Uncle Jerry and I are busy and outgoing. Now, we are so limited we have to stay home and indoors.”

Father H. nodded and opened his black leather Bible. He read scripture. The passages spoke of “safeguarding the dwelling.” They seemed to ask God to strike the evil spirits from our abode.

Then the priest also looked up and called on God to protect us from any more harm. He im-plored God to send us only hap-piness and success. Holding his hands out, palms up, he prayed that all illnesses be taken away and total health be restored.

Last he said, “… this house now belongs to God. Anybody with bad intentions cannot enter this apartment.” He added, “God will not punish, only ask to have respect.”

Father H. explained that we had to put our trust in God’s hands. He said, “God will lead you to a better healthier life, no more illnesses. Success will come. God is asking you to be patient. God will evict the de-mons. They are frightened by the presence of the Almighty.”

A few moments later the priest took out a tube which held holy water. He sprinkled it in each corner of the apartment. He also used the water to bless Uncle Jerry and me. Then he spoke to the demons. (I cannot tell the words he used. Father H. spoke in terms that only the evil spirits could understand.)

Suddenly the apartment be-came airy. It was if a heavy dark fog has been lifted. I no longer felt the evil spirits. It was if God bathed us in his light — a light so strong it almost blinded us.

At the end I asked Father H., “Will a donation be acceptable?”

The priest shook his head. “When a priest performs an act of exorcism, no donation can be accepted. He went on, “Money and power are what the evil spirits want, so they can remain in control. God bless this dwelling.”

I wanted to be clear so I asked, “Are the evil spirits quiet but still here?”

Father H. shook his head, “No. God took them.” The priest made a cross in the air over us and said, “May God be with you.”

Quietly he left, carrying his Bible and small prayer book tucked under his arm.

Lotte De Roy (Feb. ’12) adds, “After the priest left, Uncle Jerry and I sat in clear, holy silence for a few moments, thanking God.”



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