Recently, I read a book called, Elegy for Iris. It was about Iris Murdoch, a famous Irish-born writer and philoso-pher. Written by her husband, John Bay, it is about their marriage.

What really fascinated me in the Murdoch book was the des-cription of her dementia. Al-though her memory was really gone, her husband indicated that some of her personality still came through. His description showed his caring and love for her which was quite touching without being sentimental.

Elegy for Iris a fascinating book. It has a lot of thoughts about relationships.

Jane (Jan. ’12) adds, “Because my mother and all four of her sisters had Alzheimer’s, I used to worry a lot about getting it. Then I decided that because I had gotten straight hair and allergies from my father, I might also have his sharp mind with no Alzheimer’s.”

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