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I read our March 2012 question —

The most useless gift I ever received was … . It got me thinking back. Over my lifetime, I have received many useless presents. Such a waste! I don’t know why people insist on giving me things I can’t use and don’t want.

I’ve had this problem a l-o-n-g time. As little girl, relatives gave me Storybook Dolls for my birthday and Christmas. What was the use of those prettily dressed, porcelain painted figures? I could hardly play with them. They just had to stand in a showcase.

But the item I most remem-ber is an inlaid, Mother-of-pearl, loose powder compact. A high school graduation gift from a friend of Mother’s, I recall the moment I unwrapped it.

What’s this? It’s pretty, but … .

Clearly it was for a “lady” to “powder her nose.”

Golly! I wear pancake make-up, I don’t even use powder! I slid the gold, inlaid beauty back into its flannel envelope, laid it aside and got out my thank-you notes.

Even though it was/is useless, for some reason I still have that compact.

Why I’ve kept it all these years, I’ll never understand.

Frances, Editor



Next month’s question is, ”

“What are you hoping for right now?”




Liz/MOASCAR (Feb.’12) tells about her experience with Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito’s Kokology 2 exercise, “Skimming the Surface.”

“I read over the 2012 Self-discovery game where the player was asked to imagine a boat on a body of water. Even before I peeked, I “saw” my craft as one in Tom Sawyer.

I like the meander of a river and love that and other river stories like Twain’s Huck Finn and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. They are the old school road stories. Others in that genre are: On the Road by Jack Kerouac, Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, and the Fear and Loathing books by Hunter S. Thompson. The river/road IS the journey.

What I learn on this raft journey is not incidental, but really what the whole trip — even life — is about. I love the promise of a new journey — an adven-ture — and a raft seems as if it would be low maintenance and offer plenty of room for hanging out and getting comfortable.

When I was in Oslo, Norway, oh so many years ago, I saw the Kon Tiki raft which voyaged five thousand miles from South America to Polynesia.

It was a thrill to see it. In primary school, we read the book about this voyage.”

About choice number one — a raft of rough-hewn logs — authors say, “You spend your free time drifting from place to place and enjoying outdoor activities. Your interests range from intense sports like kayak-ing and rock-climbing to relaxing pastimes like camping, fishing and simply wandering about. The important common thread is a natural setting, and you might be just as happy to spend a day lying on your back in the grass, staring at the clouds.”

Liz/MOASCAR’s raft.

Liz/MOASCAR’s raft.

Liz/MOASCAR adds, “One of my favorite quotes is Mr. Toad’s from Wind in the Willows: “Travel, change, excitement!”

-Frances, Editor


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