In the past few months, I read a couple very good books. Caleb’s Crossing was great, a worthy book.  By Geraldine Brooks, it’s an earlyAmerica historical story. A missionary’s daughter, Bertha Mayfield is growing up in a band of pioneers and Puritans.  

I think I told you several months ago I was also re-reading  the classic, Roots.  Written by Alex Haley and published in 1976.  I loved it — even the sec-ond time. I hated for it to end. 

I also read the non-fiction, Black, Like Me  by John Howard Griffin. In the story published in 1961, the white author passes as a black man and records several weeks of Greyhound travel through the racially segregated South.  It’s worth reading.

In between those, I paged the exciting story, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  Written by the late journalist, Stieg Larsson, it was originally written in Swed-ish, so what I read must be an English translation. I rarely read mysteries, but enjoyed following clues through that one.

When I visit a big town over the weekend, I try to buy the New York Times with the Book Section.  I’m always interested in what’s new on the market.

Right now, reading seems to be my only luxury.


M. Joan (Apr. ’11) adds, “I no longer feel that I have to read a book because I bought it.  It really has to have some interest for me to invest time in it.” 

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