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Georgene saw a cruise ship!

Georgene saw a cruise ship!

      Georgene (Jan.’12) brings another chapter of sharing to our 2012 self-discovery game. If you will recall, players are asked to imagine themselves as a watercraft of some kind floating on a lake, river or sea. Like James (Feb. ’12), Georgene saw a cruise ship! 

Authors of Kokology 2, Tadahiko Nagao and  Isamu Saito, describe a person who makes this choice. They say,

“Everyday life is exciting enough as it is and slow-paced, cerebral activities are just what the doctor ordered when you have time to un-wind. A game of chess or a cross-word puzzle, a leisurely walk, a nice long book, perhaps a game of shuf-fleboard —  these are the things that you look to when you while away the hours.”

      Georgene concludes, “Actually, what I saw looked more like a merchant marine ship my husband and I saw launched last year. Note the sonar bump at the front — in my never-ending quest to be ‘in control,’ I had to add it to my vessel so I can continue to try to know where I am going. I would choose familiar ports of call!”

                                    –Frances, Editor

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