childs view

A child’s view of God’s Promise.




The time is right,

Things happen.


              Simon Stargazer III ( Apr. ’12) explains, “The explanation for this saying is based on unhappy circumstances that ended in what many might consider to be a less than positive way … but this one didn’t.

My wife and I helped a young couple with a seven year old daughter to get a new start in life. He had lost his job and she was working as a hostess in a restaurant to support the family. They lost their apartment and had been given a month’s stay at a rent-by-the-week motel. With no where to go, their stay was up in a few days.

A friend at a local church brought this to our attention. We thought of our small “mother-in-law house.”  My wife and I interviewed the couple and agreed to let them stay. In exchange, we’d get house cleaning and yard work plus a share of the utilities. It was to be a three month trial.

We later found out the man was not the child’s father, and  abusive to his wife and the child. We frequently heard  loud arguments. When the police were called by each of them in the last month, we had a serious talk with the couple, and called in our church friends to mediate. 

It had been our intention to end their time with us that month. However, after much discussion, pleading and promises, we agreed to a month-by-month extension. We made a written agreement that if the police came again, the couple  would be immediately evicted.

In the subsequent third month the situation escalated and again the police were called.

This time the couple decided to divorce. Just two weeks ago, each one moved out and went separate ways.  She and her child moved back in with her mother and he plans to move to California.

Mother and child are now in a loving and safe environment.  As a thank you, the daughter left the chalk drawing (page 7) on our back patio.”

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