My adult literature class is fun and stimulating. We are reading, The Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton’s best book. I am lov-ing it.   The text we are using is called, “A Norton Critical Edition.” It’s like a text book—but very interesting.

The characters are so alive that they filled our weekly classes with discussions. (Next.) Through the eyes of Newland Archer, May Welland, and Ellen

Olenska, readers get a glimpse into what life in New York City was like for the wealthy class before the 1900s.  These three main characters form the basis for the story.

Edith Wharton herself was born to a wealthy NYC family whose last name was, Jones.  Her parents were style-setters–hence the expression, “Keeping up with the Jones’s.”


Louise (Mar. ’12) adds, “I have read the book twice and I feel there is so much to it that I could read it again and gain new perspectives. On a lighter note, Tina Fey has written a funny book called, Bossy Pants.  If you enjoy laughing out loud, you’ll want to get it!”


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