Of the

Battles we fight,

Internal ones are toughest.


            Simon Stargazer (May ’12) explains, “As experienced as I am, sometimes I get insecure about the fact that I did not have formal schooling for my pro-fession. Though I did have a solid college education, training in my field was on-the-job and from seminars around the country.  I tell myself, because I have earned national certifica-tion and continue to learn and earn credits in my specialty, I really am better trained and prepared than someone who has just received an educational degree in my specialty.

But, sometimes when a new graduate joins us, I wonder if I’m really up to date and adequate to fully address the nuances of the job.

As I wrestle with all this I ultimately remember that I have given myself to Jesus and He has forgiven my mistakes and shortcomings. He gives me the fortitude to go forward with conviction in whatever I do.”

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