BOATS, SHIPS, AND RAFTS – mth jun 2012


Bookworm’s cruise ship, “Titanic”


 In December of 2011, I sent readers a self-discovery game from Kokology 2by Tadahiko Nago and Isamu Saito. In this exercise, readers are asked to think of them-selves as a water vessel or boat of some kind and sketch that image. 

Authors give four categories  of drawings and provided personal characteristics for artists.   Several of us have been row boats. A few were cruise ships. One was a raft. Bookworm (Mar. ’12) sees a specific cruise ship: the Titanic.

            Authors describe cruise ship personality, “Every day is excit-ing enough as it is and slow

-paced, cerebral activities are just what the doctor ordered when you have time to unwind. A game of chess or a crossword puzzle, a leisurely walk, a nice long book, perhaps a game of shuffleboard –these are the things that you look to when you while away the hours.”

            Bookworm says, “I do take long walks as the weather improves this time of year.  On the other hand, I don’t know that “slow-paced cerebral activities” describes me. I prefer action Play Station games and hanging out with friends.”


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