MONTHLY QUESTION – mth jun 2012

Our question for comment this month is, “When someone is angry at me, I feel…”

Malaina (May ’12) says, “I used to feel threatened and made to feel small and that everything was my fault. In later years I began getting mad at an offender, too. Now, I work to control both how I react when I’m hurt and my own temper. It varies, depending on who gets in my face and what the trouble is. But, I work to do better.

Maybe here’s an example.  Men are surveying for a gas pipeline which will clip a corner of our property.  Part of their “working space” will affect two hickory trees and a flowering bush that my husband’s parents planted decades ago. I was all upset about having their line cut our wild area. My husband advised, “It’s better to use manners instead of starting an argument.”


I saw a surveyor walking across our upper pasture and approached the young man. I asked if it were possible to move the line a bit to avoid hurting the trees and bush. He said he could put in a request.


             Maybe I can save a tree and maybe not. I can’t help but wonder what the young surveyor’s response would have been had I stormed out there and got into his face!          Something else that I am thinking about: anger and grace go hand in hand to balance each other, not cancel each other.




Due to reader response, next month, we will continue: “When someone is angry at me, I feel…”              


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