around the frame dec 2012 – our experiences

Dear Francasanta–

I hope KarenLousie (See her comment Nov. ‘12.)  is more settled into Oregon. Thankfully, I now have a mailing address and a library card! It is tough to move these days. Lots of credit applications and I couldn’t get a bank account until I had a job!

I’ve been working with two developmentally disabled adults for a week.  I perform volunteer hours at an animal shelter with them. We fold towels and load the dishwasher.

It is so joyful returning home. I point the car west and am blasted by the sinking sun and the beautiful expanse of the Pacific. The breezes carry the tang of eucalyptus trees!

Happy Holidays!

Love ‘n’ hugs!

Liz/Moascar (Nov. ‘12) adds, “I spent some time with my older son this weekend. we hit some tennis balls around and ran from the tennis court back to the car! Uphill! He really enjoyed Encinita,s particularly the farmers market!”


Hi Frances,

I have a new address!  I am sending it right away so you can mail Ninepatch there. I will be leaving here in four days. My brothers will help me. It is good and scary at the same time.

As you guessed, my older daughter, Anita who wants me to do everything for her, is already upset with me. It is time for me to work on my own life. She is well into her thirties and needs to learn to take care of herself.

Thank you for your books suggestions and your prayers.

Love and prayers,



LindaSue (Nov. ‘12) adds, “I read the collection of stories, An Amish Christmas. Now I am reading, Beyond Hope’s Valley by Trisha Goyer.”


Hello, Frances!

Life’s been foolishly busy around here, nothing very important, but lots of little things, which, of course, add up.  Dear Bill, he has a way of hooking me into the busyness when all I want to do is BE.

On the other hand, knowing me, I would BE my way into 300 pounds of TV watching, snack crunching sloth, without his prodding and never-ending projects.

Despite the busyness, life is good and fairly quiet today.  I love estate sales and attended one this morning.  Bought a lovely Fenton carnival glass plate.  It’s just beautiful. The sale got me out of myself today.  I feel energized.

It’s raining here, a few peals of thunder and crackles of lightning.  Gentle anger from the skies.  Nonetheless, had Indian Summer and the temperatures will stay down after the weekend.

Be well and happy,


Linda Rosenthal (Nov.’12) adds, “Good luck with your “acorn rain!” Want to borrow our squirrel?  It is storing corn from stray stalks left in the fields, I’m sure it would love acorns for a change of diet.” 


Hi Frances,

You asked how I am doing with my pregnancy. I’m doing well.  I’m having some cramps and–according to the midwives–my body is readying itself.

My husband and I are just sort of waiting with breath held tight to see if I go early, on time or late. I’m at about 35 weeks now. If you remember, my first child, Paloma surprised us and was born at only 34 weeks.  I’ve literally never been this pregnant before!

I can’t say I’m enjoying it, either.  Everything in my stomach tries to escape if I lay down and I hardly sleep. My back hurts.  It’s the end-days of pregnancy routine I’ve only heard about before.




Christa (Oct. ‘12) adds, “There’s no way to predict when this baby will come!”


Dear Frances,

Recently, I went to the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles to have my divers’ license changed.  Oh dear!

I have always been known as “Lotte” and my required documents had my name that way. But, my birth name is actually, “Charlotte.”

After a few hours of discussing the matter with the manager of the DMV, I finally persuaded him to let me use “Lotte”–with the promise to have my name changed legally.  Meanwhile, I will have to always carry a piece of paper with me that says the two names are not the same.

One more thing to spend time and money on: having my name legally changed!

All the best and blessings of this day,



Lotte DeRoy (Nov. ‘12) adds, “I feel like a criminal, carrying a document stating my official name is ‘Lotte’ instead of ‘Charlotte’ my birth name.”  


community quilts

A few of CaT’s community-based-project quilts.



Hey Frances!

You asked what I’ve been up to. Quilting … hooboy! I really got myself into it!

My friend saw something on the net about this charity. You sent away for a “kit” and made a quilt from it. Then you followed the same pattern and made a “companion” quilt from your own fabric and sent them both back. It is a group called, “Quilts for Kids, Inc.”

“Oh try it!” my friend exclaimed. “You will really be glad you did.”

I tried it. Then I sent for my second round. After that, I saw this darling three-year-old on a promotional video they showed and–I don’t know what happened–I think God touched my heart. Next thing I know, I sent for 100 kits. (Yup! That’s two zeroes.) I started a community-based project!  Fifty women stepped up and helped produce the quilts.  I added fifteen of my own fabric.

That was in June 2012. I’m wrapping it up now, driving over 100 quilts to Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. (Cheaper than mailing).

I’ve been kinda’ busy!

I luv life, don’t you?



CaT (July ‘12) adds, “My husband and I garaged our bikes as of the first of October. It’s the middle of November and this morning we had our first snow. I’m enjoying it whilst I have my first cup of tea.”


Dear Francesca,

You said you felt out of place when surrounded by your son’s in-laws.  There can be a lot of hurt in our lives, don’t you think? I’m having to kind of give my own son over to his wife’s family. There are many of them and they are a lot more fun to be with than me alone. The other family includes me occasionally, but I’m a fish out of water.

Recently I enjoyed a lunch group which tries different restaurants once a month. It is a good way to stay in touch with friends, but it’s also fun to see restaurants that I would probably otherwise never step foot into.

Long Boat Key –in the Gulf of Mexico–was magnificent. I crossed the causeway going over to St. Armand’s Circle and then turned right to head for Long Boat. There was a lot of wind that day and as I crossed the causeway, the frond of huge palm trees looked like flags blowing in a vigorous wind.   The water was turbulent and a gorgeous blue-green color.

I came away reminded that I live in world pretty much unrelated to the Keys.



Elaine (Sept. ‘12) adds, “I’ve been bored with my normal exercise routine, so I’ve been doing some swimming. What a workout!”



My husband and I had a meeting with the coordinator at the YMCA that works with my son, Bryan.  I was surprised at all the services they offer.  They will arrange for Bryan to apply for Social Security and Medicaid.  He will not have to go anywhere, support will come there.

My husband and I paid his rent last month with the condition that he apply for help.  We can not do this again.  I am waiting for a call from the coordinator to see if my son has done anything.

If Bryan gets any funds, an attorney–who I am assuming is part of the help provided–takes over.  I think I understood that.

The problem continues to be Bryan! Will he apply?  The counselors there are ready to help him if he will take the first step.   I am waiting for a call from the coordinator. I am anxious to find out if my son has done anything.

Take care,



Patricia(Nov. ‘12) adds, “The homeless upset me very much.  They are such lost souls.” 

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