THE 2013 Self-Discovery Game

Dear Readers,

            Here’s another chance to get to know yourself better. It’s a little game from Kokology 2, More of the Game of Self-Discovery  by  Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito.


            A dog may be man’s best friend, but a cat always seems to be its own best friend. You love them or hate them (as if they cared, either way), but cats have shared as long a history with us humans as any species of animal on earth, and it’s safe to say that they’ll be around for ages to come. It’s not that cats actually do much for people–they can’t fetch the newspaper, shake hands or play Frisbee–or perhaps it’s just that they choose not to. But their cool indifference, quiet pride and utter impenetrability seem to justify them a place in our world, regardless.

We all have our individual perceptions about the cat. Which of the following four phrases strikes closest to the image you hold?


  1. Basking      in the sun.
  2. Mysterious      and inscrutable.
  3. Pleasantly      soft to the touch.
  4. A      companionless creature.”


Choose from above before you page down for explanations.


I wish you an “inner” adventure in getting to know yourself a little better!



“In Jungian psychology, the cat is a representative of the feminine principle known as the anima, or your true inner self (as opposed to the social role you play).  The description you selected as applying best to cats reveals the nature of your own true self, in its positive and negative aspects.


1. Basking in the sun.

In describing a catlike activity, rather than the cat itself, you show a sensitivity toward the natural actions of things within their environments. This makes you an accepting and easily acceptable person, capable of getting along well with everyone you meet. On the positive side, this means that people perceive you as comfortable in almost any situation. But that same uncanny sense of comfort can also make you appear to be a little superficial or unconcerned with others.


2. Mysterious and inscrutable.

You instinctively chose to describe the cat in terms of its personality, almost as if it were human. And the attributes of the cat’s character that drew your attention are precisely the ones you share with it. Your true inner self is a kaleidoscope, changing and renewing itself constantly. This makes predicting your behavior an endlessly intriguing challenge to the people who love you, but it can also make you seem like more trouble than you’re worth to those without the time or inclination to ponder riddles and enigmas.


3. Pleasantly soft to the touch.

To you, the cat presents itself as a physical object, defined specifically in terms of how it affects you. You see the world as something created to stimulate and serve you. This tendency may manifest itself as an aura of self- assurance or simply as excessive self-involvement. But it’s likely that until you perceive that it has some direct effect on your life, this insight will be of no interest to you either way.


4. A companionless creature.

You define the cat in social terms, showing the emphasis you place on the role of the individual within (or apart from) the group. And your choice of “companionless” to describe the cat’s condition is more than a little tinged with feeling, a sense of loneliness that the animals itself does not necessarily share. You are most deeply attuned to the emotional and social realms, making you appear caring, warm and genuinely concerned about others. But it can also make you seem somewhat overly sensitive and melodramatic when you give full expression to your feelings.”


So, Readers,

How did YOU do?  I had a tough time choosing, but eventually I decided I really loved holding Sweetie, a Tabby I had before I developed asthma.  That makes me a THREE.  That last line of the description is a killer! I am hoping that understanding this aspect of my inner self can shed some light on how I can improve my relationships with others.

I hope you will also share your choice, thoughts about it, and photo or sketch!























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