My book club just read and reviewed, Where’d You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple. You must read it.

An Internet Kirkus reviewer writes this about Semple’s new book. It is “…a cleverly constructed Internet-age domestic comedy about a wife/mother /genius architect who goes a little nuts from living in that cesspool of perfection and bad weather called Seattle… The tone is sharply witty….”

Semple is also a screen-writer.  Her 2008 book was, This One Is Mine.” I also found an interview on the Internet called, “Semple Pleasures: An interview with Maria Semple, by Greg Olear.

Semple’s interview and her book are worth reading and viewing.

Louise (Jan. ‘14) adds, “You guessed it. My time is consumed with care-giving for my husband, household chores, and care of our dog, Maggie.  Oh, and reading. J“  

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