She said I must go,

Go follow the riddle,

Go walk where the rivermelt

Tumbles the stones,

Go wind around wedges

And withers and glivets,

To dart in cool shadows,

And float by old bones –

Take white witch stems,

She said, and mix them

With comealongs –

You’ll find them down there

In the boggybottom loam,

And add to it rattlepops

And russet rumple seeds,

Orange limpet moss

And a thrutch of sky foam.

Crush it and boil it

And drink it down quickly

And wait for the sounds of the

Ghost walkers to pass.

If you hear them cry: Follow!

Then follow, go follow,

Over the purple hills,

Up through the grass,

Climbing on lightbeams,

To float on the south wind,

Haunting the honkers,

The darters, the gliders,

Soaring on skywings

Up through the mystery,

Up through the riddles,

To reach home at last!

Sandy (Jan.’14) expands on the riddle, “I was intrigued by the idea that I could write with nonsense words and still make meaning. For example, ‘orange limpet moss’ describes a kind of lichen that grows on the boulders in Montana.  I, too, felt the call of the ‘skywalker’ and was tempted to follow.”

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