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Dear Francafreeze,

Is it still cold there, in Michigan? Brr!

I really liked your story of enjoying life’s small pleasures by taking the time to read and reflect on Christmas greetings.

Reading Le’s wartime stories reminds me of listening to my dad talking about his time in the Royal Navy (Great Britain). (My mother was also in the navy during WWII.) My father was involved in the Sicily landings.

My parents and grandparents lived through the London bombings. That war had a major influence on all their lives  for many years after it ended.

Sandy’s poem was astounding! I can imagine it put to music. It’s very lyrical and mystical.

Peace and harmony to you, <3 Liz

Liz/Moascar (Feb. 14) adds, “I received recommendation for approval for U.S. Citizenship (Wow! I prayed my butt off!) I will let you know further when I hear about swearing-in ceremony.”


Dear Frances,

You mentioned you “feel” the full moon.  I feel the moon’s cycles, too.

I’ve read Sandy Ingerman’s books on Shamanism.  She is a very talented Shamanic practitioner and teacher. I also have some of her audio programs

of guided soul journeys.  She invites us to help create a web of human light every full moon.

Essentially, on the full moon, she says to put on beautiful music, take deep relaxing breaths, and focus on your inner light.

Are you still studying your dreams?  Like you, I write them down, but not faithfully.

A month on, a month off.  My thinking mind doesn’t usually understand the process.  But, I

believe the practice helps me get in touch with my inner self, whether my thinking mind understands what’s going on or not.


KarenLouise (Feb.’14) adds, “Here is an Internet address for Sandy Ingerman’s  instructions:”




You ask how I am doing with my son Bryan’s situation. As I told you previously, I sometimes feel a little down and weepy.  All that’s going on with Bryan comes to mind and I just pray harder for him.  Soon the feeling of depression leaves.

We had my sister and her husband over for a New Year’s sauerkraut and pork meal.  A tradition with us. They don’t have children, just sweet little Scotty dogs.  It is so pleasant to spend time with my sister. My kids are in other states with their own families.

Talk to you later.


            Patricia (Feb. ‘14) adds, “We bought a new car. It’s pre-owned, but a 2013. We are over the moon with its fancy options.”



Hi Frannybanany,

I love the names one of your writers comes up with for you so I am trying to imitate her.  I have all kinds of names for my dog, Maggie:  Maggiemorganstern, Maggiepazoolie, Maggaliny and Magalenamagersmidt, to mention a few.  Saying silly names cheers me up.  I also have songs that go with them.

Today, I am going to play in the snow with her.

I love hearing from you.



Louise (Feb.’14) adds, “Sometimes the world has too much reality for me.  I like having silly fun.”

L to R: Husband, Louise and Maggie

L to R: Husband, Louise and Maggie


Dear Frances,

I know you are off in Michigan visiting your family, but you visited me in my dreams the night before last.  I thought you’d enjoy the story.

Here’s how the dream went. We were adventuring and looking into apartments for some reason. I decided that the one we were looking at across the way was my old apartment from my early-married days. As we walked in, a workman said they had just redone it and to go on up.

Of course, the place was much larger and brightly painted, not exactly what I remembered. In your wisdom, you asked why it should be the same.

Anyway, we looked out the dining room window and saw a river or harbour in the distance. As we both looked at it, I remember telling you I enjoyed that view in the past.   

There was a certain de ja vu about it, but the place was wrong.  I remember waking and thinking, “I have to tell Frances I was wrong, even if this were my old place in Cinti, there was no way to see water like that.”

So, maybe, I got to see your River too.  It was beautiful with boats in the distance. Sorry, I distorted it by saying I had seen it before. I hadn’t. I woke up disturbed and had to realize it was a dream.

Thanks for the adventure.

Amy Karen


Amy Karen (May 13) adds, “The apartment was from my early married life, the first time I was alone with a baby and my husband was gone to the hospital during his later med school, internship days. Gone lots.   I remember the walls were cobalt blue and apple green with bright white molding.”



Dear Frances,

I can’t even think straight. A year ago today, I moved into this apartment, so full of hopes and dreams. The family was all around to help. We ordered pizza. Moving day was like a party.

In one year, two of my dad’s sisters died, and he had two cancer surgeries. He became the angry bitter man my mother knew.  I didn’t see that, then.  I was “Daddy’s little girl.” I thought there was good in everyone.

Last month, we had disaster strike at the nursing home where I work. All the residents had to be moved out.  The home’s owners decided to gut the place and start over, using employees to do the work. That way no one was without a paycheck.

What a mess! I was doing things I never expected. I had a panic attack, but made it through. Now we are back in business and residents are slowly returning.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting to hear on the new apartment and trying to decide what to do about Dad.  I am sure God has a plan, but what?

For now, I have to continue to take care of Dad. My turn will come. Please pray for me.

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (Feb. ‘14) adds, “I still believe there is good in everyone–you just have to look deeper in some people.”



Dear St. Frances:

How strange that you wrote about the River of Life.  I live in Pennsylvania. Earlier this month, as I was driving up toward the county seat, I drove through the local state park where the river flows through. I decided to stop and check out the hundreds of small ice flows in the swirling waters.

The waters were rushing in three different directions, compliments of a whirl pool in the center of the river. I didn’t have a video camera but I had my new Trac phone, so I used it to film the unusual sight.

I stood on the rock retaining wall, built back in the 1930s by CCC boys. As I aimed the camera at the waters, a bit of the wall showed. I was struck by the sensation of moving through the water and ice–like I was standing at the edge of a boat and looking down at the water/ ice mix speeding by.

When I stopped filming, I looked up at the mountain cupping this hairpin curve of the river and almost lost my balance. One of many thoughts that flashed through my mind at that moment was, “River of Life.”



Malaina (Feb. ‘14) adds, “We are experiencing FRIGID weather. Thirty-two degrees is WARM to us.  Here lately, we’re lucky to see twenty-five degrees!”


Dear Frances,

Recently, I saw an old Easter Basket.  It reminded me of my recent road trip to Washington D.C. with three girlfriends.

One of them brought along a small plush Easter girl bunny not too different than a plush boy bunny in the basket I saw.  She carried it around and took photos of it doing this and that.

Here’s a photo of it swinging from a cherry tree.


Carol (Feb.14) adds, “I have no more travel plans in sight.  I’m just going to spend the summer puttering with my stamp collection and visiting with my girlfriends, and doing my usual cooking and gardening.”

Carol’s Photos of a girl Easter Bunny in a tree.

Carol’s Photos of a girl Easter Bunny in a tree.


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